Seniors take the win at Powerpuff

By Emme Hogge and Grace Gollihur, Associate Editors

Powerpuff is an annual tradition at El Camino where junior and senior girls compete for the win of a flag football game. This year, Powerpuff was held on April 14 at 6 p.m. on the EC football field. The final score was 7-0, with the seniors scoring the only touchdown of the game and solidifying their win.

The day of the game, EC showed off their school spirit by wearing either pink in support of the juniors or black in support of the seniors. 

Both teams were coached by multiple boys of their respective grades, and practices were held on the EC football field during the weeks leading up to the game.

Junior Team Coach Nolan Oates (‘24) described what his experience was like as a junior coach. 

“Working with my teammates from football was cool, and so was meeting new people and getting to coach them,” Oates said. “It’s basically just like football all over again—[it was] more fun, there were no pads and gear, and it was less hot.”

Despite the preparations from the junior team, they finished the game having scored zero points, which in turn caused their loss.

“I thought our team was more prepared, and I didn’t realize that the seniors were just as prepared as us,” Oates stated.

Oates elaborated on the many drills the junior team ran during their practices. They ran routes, practiced catching and worked on different quarterback skills to help the junior team prepare for the game.

Senior Running Back Molly Bannister (‘23) scored the first and only touchdown of the entire game, and Kicker Roxy Reading (‘23) kicked the extra point from a field goal. Although the remainder of the game was filled with exciting close-calls, no other points were scored by either team.

“It was really fun,” Bannister said. “It was my favorite event this year.”

Student Government Member and Powerpuff Lead Gabi Munson (‘23) shared her thoughts as to why the Powerpuff event is so important to EC. 

“It’s a tradition that I feel like girls always look forward to. Since it’s only upperclassmen, we’re all very competitive—girls finally get the spotlight,” Munson explained.

This event was attended by many students and faculty, and even some EC alumni. 

Although Powerpuff is a very popular event amongst the EC community, administration has been debating discontinuing the event because of a possible girls flag football team. Student Government Advisor Sara Turner explained that if a girls flag football team is created, then Powerpuff will be canceled as an event.

English Teacher and Powerpuff Referee Neil Reilly offered his opinion on the subject of a flag football team for girls.

“Anything to get our [students] to exercise more—I think it’d be great if juniors and seniors were more active,” Rielly said.

For more information on events like this, see Athletic Director Ron Conklin or Assistant Athletic Director Zenaida Kamine in the Athletics Office.

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