Tony Natsoulas: Sculpting the minds of EC’s youth artists

By Emma Canillo, Managing Editor

On Oct. 21, 2022, Professional California Artist Tony Natsoulas visited El Camino’s advanced ceramics classroom to give a guest speech on his life and work as a professional artist who focuses mostly on sculpting.

Natsoulas has been in the field of ceramics for most of his life, being a graduate student from UC Davis and having multiple sculptures of his featured around the Sacramento area.

While at EC, Natsoulas talked to students about his vibrant life as an artist, showing the students his colorfully painted house and the many sculptures he has made over the years.

When creating his sculptures, Natsoulas gains most of his inspiration from people or objects he is close to in life.

“I take things that I’m sentimental about—and I make a series about that,” Natsoulas said.

Within his presentation, Natsoulas got an opportunity to share his well-known pieces that are close to home for EC students. 

His artwork has been featured on the streets of Davis, CA along with many series of artworks in the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Being a professional artist is not something that comes naturally to many people. Natsoulas explained the amount of time and effort he put into art and sculpting to get where he is today.

“It’s like playing the violin—you have to practice, you have to learn,” Natsoulas said.

Natsoulas’ visit to EC was a great experience for the students who express themselves within art classes, and his wise words left a big impact on the art community within the school.

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