SJUSD to lift mask mandate in schools

By Emma Canillo News Editor

California state officials announced that the mask mandate within school districts would be lifted after March 11. Rather than being mandatory during school hours, masks are now a “strong recommendation.”

SJUSD will follow this statement and lift it’s mask mandate for all schools and facilities within the district.

The mask mandate lift regards all faculty and students, regardless of vaccination status. So, whether a student is fully-vaccinated or not, wearing a mask indoors is optional. 

Although the mandate is giving students and staff the option of wearing masks, SJUSD still recommends that people wear them, especially if you are an individual who is unvaccinated.

SJUSD has also announced that their work around COVID-19 tests and mental health programs will remain in place after the mandate is lifted and continue to be accessible to families and staff within the district.

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