EC Student Government ‘Optimistic’ for Spring Events

By Emma Canillo News Editor

With the major increase in COVID-19 cases following the 2021 winter break, many El Camino students and families are left with the question as to whether large school activities will still be held in the 2022 school year.

Events such as the Mardi Gras Dance, Junior Prom and Senior Ball are annual events held by EC Student Government that many students look forward to. Unfortunately, these events have not happened since the closure of school in March 2020.

Typically, EC’s Student Government class would be very busy planning these events and finalizing details. Instead, they are connecting with administration at SJUSD to see if these events have any chance of happening.

EC Student Government Officer Elaine Kistner explains how Student Government Advisor Sara Turner and the class have been trying to make these activities possible for EC students.

“Ms. Turner recently got permission from El Camino administration to submit a request about Mardi Gras to the district, ” Kistner explains. “We’re not super optimistic about Mardi Gras…we are definitely optimistic about Junior Prom and Senior Ball.”

Mardi Gras is typically a school-wide event, meaning all students are invited to the festivities. This means that the probability of the dance happening are slim to none in order to keep students safe from COVID-19.

On the other hand, Junior Prom and Senior Ball are single-class events that can be held off-campus at larger venues. 

“One, [Junior Prom and Senior Ball] are smaller events, and two, they are further out. Mardi Gras is supposed to be happening next month,” Kistner states.

As of now, no large school activities have been confirmed for EC students, but the Student Government classroom is continuing to focus their efforts on events such as sports, lunch-time activities, and clubs. 

Whether that’s creating publicity for basketball and soccer games, or planning Valentine’s day lunch activities, the Student Government classroom continues to stay productive and positive for the 2022 school year.

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