New Acting Principal Colin Bross starts Monday

By Jackson Ponder Editor in Chief

At the beginning of next week, a big adjustment is taking place within administration at El Camino.

Due to the absence of Principal Randy Holcomb on leave, a hole has been left in the administration for the vice principals to fill.

Over the past few weeks, Jennifer Petersen has taken the role as the acting principal and will switch duties starting Monday. 

Colin Bross, a former EC administrator and now principal of Mesa Verde High School, is going to be the new acting principal at EC until the return of Holcomb. After the return of Holcomb, Bross will then move on to a director position at the district level. 

In Bross’ absence at Mesa Verde, Petersen, who has been pursuing a principal position, will become their new principal. 

With him, Bross will be bringing a Vice Principal Meghan Wilson from Mesa Verde to replace Petersen. In a response from Bross he said he may be coming to EC tomorrow but will officially start on Monday of next week of Nov 8.

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