Homecoming dance and rally plans for EC

By Mia Randall Managing Editor and Emma Canillo News Editor

El Camino students and many others within the San Juan Unified School District have been waiting nearly two years for a homecoming dance, or rather any dance. 

There have been questions concerning whether or not a homecoming dance would take place this school year, where it would be held, and what regulations would be set in order to stay safe.

Student Government Advisor Sara Turner has responded to the confusion and finally stated that EC will most likely not have a homecoming dance this school year.

The district has required that in order to have a dance, contact tracing must be enforced. This implies that if a student is exposed to COVID-19, anyone who was with or next to them at any given time throughout the dance must be notified. 

The enforcement of contact tracing would be tedious for EC staff and chaperones because of the large number of students who would be attending the dance. 

Although a homecoming dance is not likely to happen, a homecoming rally is beginning to be planned by EC’s student government. This has not been confirmed yet, but students and staff are hopeful. 

This rally would either be held during lunch in the quad throughout the span of five days, or during class in the stadium.

The safety of students and staff is the main priority when decisions like this are made and EC has taken many precautions in order to keep our safety in check. 

As students, staff and parents are pushing for a dance to happen, it comes to the question of why the district hasn’t approved it when other sports events like football and volleyball games are overlooked. 

During lunch and sports events there’s no mask mandate or social distancing rules set in place, so many wonder why a dance is still up in the air if other events are still transpiring.

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