The effect of Dutch Bros on students, teachers

By Emma Canillo News Editor

The reopening of El Camino has created a spike in business at Dutch Bros Coffee as many students stop by the coffee shop to buy their morning drinks. Students and teachers of EC express different opinions on the popular drinks seen at school on a daily basis.

Dutch Bros Coffee, on the corner of El Camino Ave and Eastern Ave, had its grand opening in March 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of schools and businesses around Dutch Bros decreased the amount of business the coffee shop was receiving. 

When the school year started back up, Dutch Bros received a sizable amount of business from students who crave a morning and afternoon drink. Many students can often be found with a Dutch Bros cup in their first period class.

English teacher Mr. Reilly expresses that the daily Dutch Bros have caused a slight issue with students spilling their drinks.

“One student spilled the Dutch Bros they brought in and our floors felt sticky like a gas station bathroom for around three days until I brought my own mop and cleaned it myself,” Reilly said.

Contrastingly, Reilly is pleasantly surprised by the lack of abuse of these drinks. He explains that most students show up on time with their Dutch Bros instead of arriving tardy.

Despite what EC teachers think about the drinks, a lengthy line of students can still be seen at Dutch Bros before the school day begins. So, what makes these drinks so appealing to high school students?

EC student Sasha Lockhart (‘24) expresses her love for Dutch Bros and why she buys these drinks before class.

“I usually get Dutch Bros three or four times a week—I just like the caffeine to be honest,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart mentions that her favorite drinks are a Caramelizer and a Cabana Rebel, two drinks which contain caffeine and flavored syrups.

The wide variety of drinks at Dutch Bros Coffee allows students to pick and choose what they please. Whether it’s an iced tea, a fruity smoothie, or a warm coffee, the Dutch Bros menu is targeted towards all different types of people, which will keep drinks in classrooms and business at Dutch Bros flourishing.

Sasha Lockhart (’24) standing in front of Dutch Bros with her morning drink. Photo by Emma Canillo
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