EC students attend district board meeting

By Jackson Ponder Editor in Chief and Emma Canillo News Editor

The monthly San Juan Unified School District board meeting took place last night at the district office where staff, parents, and students of the San Juan School District expressed their desire for larger, whole school events that would typically be held throughout the school year. 

Each attendee who requested to speak was allotted two minutes to express their thoughts and concerns to the district. This allowed El Camino students to speak their ideas and be heard by the district committee.

Danielle Spitler (22’), a senior class representative, spoke first from EC questioning why students were allowed to attend school and sporting events that are held outdoors, but not an outdoor dance. She expressed that highschool students have missed out on various opportunities over the past two years, and that a dance is heavily wanted by many students at EC.

Alongside Spitler, Grace Hombrado (22’), EC senior class treasurer, explained her feelings around the freshman and sophomore classes who have never attended or been involved in a school dance, rally, or a large event of that kind. Hombrado mentioned the idea of students attending other events, school related or not, as an alternative to an EC organized event, which could end up being more dangerous to the entire school population. 

Charter schools, which are not run by the district, have different mandates and rules for their students to follow relating to COVID-19 such as mask policies and testing protocols. If EC does not get approval for a large outdoor event, Hombrado addressed her concern around EC students attending these charter schools for dances and events. 

Senior class vice president Nicole Damoulos (22’) focused her thoughts on the mental health of students at EC. After going through many months of distance learning and no school activities, students are eager to get back the events they missed. Having a social outlet is important for students now more than ever because of the COVID-19 restrictions, which is why EC students are pushing for events to take place this year.

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