New biology teacher Hannah Zarnick-Ryan

By Joshua Potratz Eagle Eye Staff Writer

As of five weeks ago, Biology Teacher Hannah Zarnick-Ryan was living in Portland, Oregon with no plans of teaching at El Camino. Now, she says that she is on a mission to “bring science back to the dinner table.”

Zarnick-Ryan is very excited to be teaching at EC and is already impressed with the unique atmosphere in the halls. 

“There’s a lot of community here,” said Zarnick-Ryan. 

Before teaching, Zarnick-Ryan worked as a server in a restaurant while simultaneously achieving her undergraduate at Portland State. She then went on to earn her teaching credentials at Lewis and Clark College, which is also located in Portland. 

Zarnick-Ryan arrived in Sacramento because her husband is going to law school at U.C. Davis and she specifically chose EC after interviewing with several different districts.

She hopes to make a lasting impact on the lives of her students through science this school year.

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