Are AP classes worth it?

By Nargis Afzali, Eagle Eye Staff Writer

Many students, especially freshmen, may be afraid of taking Advanced Placement classes, while students who are already taking them think that it’s a good opportunity.

The AP classes at El Camino are approaching college-level material, which helps students earn college credits and units. Students can get college credits if they pass the exam that is taken at the end of the year which covers everything they learned in that AP class. 

These classes are designed to give students the experience of an introductory-level college class while students are still in high school. Although students have to pay for the AP tests, there is a discount for people that can’t afford it. 

AP Psychology teacher Amanda Belt explains how people that can not afford AP class exams, can take them for a lower price. 

“The exams only cost 100 dollars, but if people are on free or reduced lunch it costs five bucks,” Belt said. 

If a student can pass the AP exam they get three college units. This will help them with saving money throughout college. 

According to Belt, when students pass AP exams they will not have to take certain classes in college because they already learned the material in high school.

AP Exams will also help students get into better colleges, or rather get into college faster. This is because colleges look at a student’s grade point average and the courses they take. 

“If a student took an AP class, and they have a 3.8 GPA, colleges would think that they are a better student,” said Belt. 

Therefore, even if students take AP classes, and don’t pass the exams or don’t graduate with a 4.0 and instead, they will still have a greater opportunity of getting into college. 

When students hear the word AP they usually get intimidated due to the thought of a more rigorous college-level class in high school. Aneissa Garcia, a senior at El Camino took an AP English class, and she thinks otherwise. 

“AP classes are not as hard as students think and the work is doable,” Garcia said.

Taking an AP class is an opportunity that students will not get in the future after they graduate. Minh Vu Teaches AP chemistry, and he also thinks that AP classes have a lot of value.

“There is going to be times in life when you are going to be pushed to do something, and you may [only] have one chance for it,” Vu said.

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