Breaking: School reopening family survey scheduled for tonight, Oct. 30

By Mia Randall, The Eagle Eye News Editor

Tonight, Students and families should expect to receive a phone call or email accompanied by a parent survey regarding the return to school scheduled for Jan. 5.

A link to the survey will also be posted on the El Camino homepage. Multiple languages of the survey will be provided for those who need it.

SJUSD Senior Director of Community Relations Trent Allen said that the district is seeking input for multiple instructional models when students return to campus.

“The data collected will be used by school and district staff to plan for reopening including assigning students to cohort groups and building teacher and student schedules,” Allen said.

Parents will be asked if their children would like to return to school or continue distance learning for each model provided. Students who are being homeschooled or in independent study will also be given the option to choose between the models. 

El Camino Vice Principal Evelyn Welborn spoke about the importance of gathering the information from parents so the families, school and district can work together to come up with a plan.

“It’s to determine if people want to remain in distance learning or if they want to return to school and they’re going to be able to choose from a variety of different schedules,” Welborn said.

According to Welborn, the district is asking that the survey be completed by next Friday, Nov. 6. Another email will be sent out next week to families who haven’t responded.

Visit the El Camino homepage for a link to the survey when it is released. The district is asking anyone who is having trouble completing the survey to contact the EC front office.

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