Rushing to Sign Up for Clubs

By Serenay Washington, Staff Writer

On Sep. 11 all the clubs at El Camino gathered in the the quad for Club Rush. This allowed the clubs to show how fun and unique they are, as well as what they have in store for incoming members.

The Screaming Eagles were chanting their Eagle cheers to capture the attention of the people going around and looking for clubs to sign up to.

All the clubs have different purposes that can appeal to a variety of people.

Leap Club is about having a positive influence on the children at Whitney Elementary and showing what a good role model is. The club is run by Co-Presidents Maura Melcher (‘20) and Michaela Fris (‘20) and the Vice President is Anya Hendricks (‘20). The club is generally about helping children with their education to make it easier and more enjoyable for them. There are fun activities that you do with the children like crafts and playing outside.

“I want to help children with their education and for them to have a person that they can talk to, along with having a fun time,” Melcher said.

The hope is when kids who participated in Leap Club start high school they will want to join the club. Leap Club meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at Whitney Elementary School.

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is to create a safe space for both LGBTQ+ and the supporters so that they can have fun, joke around with helping members of the clubs. Leaders of the club are Zoey Haubeck (‘22) is the Vice President and Norah Finney (‘21) is the President. 

They are hoping to have fun days to hang out for members, plan a ‘love is love’ week and to go on a club trip to a Pride Parade in the summer. They want to be able to make an impact on the school and create great memories for members.

“I want to be able to make an impact on the school by doing the club. I’m hoping with the club will help LGBTQ+ community have an impact on the school and being known for making that impact,” Finney said.

Meetings are on Thursdays in Room 42.

The Pokémon Club made by Carson Russell (‘23) and Samuel Shin (‘23), the co-presidents. The purpose of this club is to make the Pokémon community bigger and also teach people how to play so that everyone can have a good time enjoying each other’s company. 

“The goal is getting 20 or more people into the club to participate and to be in different events,” Russell said.

They want to have community days and be able to talk about the club. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 29.

The Robotics Club competes in different robotics competitions with several different people from all across the world. There’s a competition at UC Davis in March but the club starts to work on their robot in January. The club teaches the process of building robots as well as managing a team. It also teaches some life skills like time management and teamwork. The club is run by  Hunter Witham (‘20) who is team captain, Gannon Brady (‘20) the vice captain, and Mrs. Sy the advisor on campus.

“The outcome I want is to do good at the competition in March and to teach people different math and science along with life skills. For the club I’m looking forward to the club continuing and growth after I graduate,” Witham said.

Meetings for the club are in Room 57 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Drama Club is run by Maya Naumann(‘20) the president, Alejandra Munguia(‘20) the vice president. The club’s purpose is to do fundraising and community building for the Theater Program as well as help anyone in need of advice within the theater scene. They are hoping to do some outreach programs with the other drama clubs at other high schools in the San Juan District.

“The goal is to help the theater program thrive as a whole and build as a community. I’m looking forward to growing and overreaching to the community,” Naumann said.

Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in S-4.

Other Clubs

Creative writing club Wed. at lunch Room 50

KYDS Wed. during lunch S1

Safe Space 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wed. 3:15 around 4:20

Spanish Thurs. at lunch Room A6

Science club Wed. lunch and before school Room 42

Kpop club Thursday lunch Room 46

BSU Wed. at lunch Room 31

Chemistry club Tues. at lunch Room A10

Screaming Eagles Thurs. At lunch A6

Motorized Vehicles Discussion and Operating Wed. Room 55

Regional Mexican Music Club at lunch

Melting Pot Club at lunch Room 42

PE Club last day of semester 7 am in Gym

Psychology Club once a month at lunch Room 45

Role Playing Game Club Mon. after school Library

Business Club Fri. 3:15 Room 53

Rec Club Thurs. At lunch Room 53

Club Tech TBD Room 60

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