First Rally to Kick off the New School Year

By Amb’b Banks, Staff Writer

El Camino students were roaring with excitement while attending their first back to school rally in the large gym on Aug. 23.

The rally began with an energetic opening from MC’s Josh Baxter (‘20) and Abby Price (‘20), who entertained with the crowd and were helped by the Screaming Eagles. 

A highlight for most of the students was the rap battle between the two MC’s from which Baxter came away victorious.

He believes that the rally was a huge success and it was one of the best rallies that has happened in a while.

“The rap battle was awesome! In all my four years at EC I don’t think I’ve ever heard the crowd cheer that loud for anything. However, I sadly understand that it most likely won’t happen again but I’m glad it happened,” Baxter said.

EC’s Principal Mr. Holcomb was not as thrilled with the rap battle. He wants every student to follow the school principles and for student government to set a good example.

“The rally was a great learning experience for student government. The rap battle was like a black eye, it was very disappointing [considering] the EC principles are respect, responsibility, and readiness,” Holcomb said. 

EC students reacting to the roast battle between seniors Abby Price and Josh Baxter
Photo by Jackson Ponder

After the rap battle, Screaming Eagles leaders, Kody Haynie (‘20) and Noah Seither (‘20), kept the EC spirit high.

There were not only amazing performances from both the cheer and dance teams but the eagle mascots put on a very entertaining routine. 

Donovan Yoas (‘20) and Devin Vilhauer (‘20), who parodied Saturday Night Live’s characters ‘Hans and Franz’ did a very interesting skit. 

“The goal of the skit was that Hans and Franz were supposed to be acting out a search for the Rio Raiders,” explained Yoas.

The Hans and Franz skit is planned to continue throughout the rallies this year.

In the future all scripts for the rally must be delivered one week in advance and administration will also be attending the rally run through prior to the actual rally. 

Student government teacher Ms. Wynn believes that the first rally was a good learning experience for student government.  

“Our rally lead and class members worked hard to create a rally that was unique and engaging for everyone. We learned lessons that we plan to use when we plan future rallies, we are welcoming any feedback and input from all students, staff and parents,” Wynn said.  

Student government is excited for the Homecoming Rally on 18 October!  

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