Language Department Joined by New Spanish Teacher

By Jackson Ponder, Entertainment Editor

Shila Ortiz is a new Spanish Teacher at El Camino. Originally from Peru, Ortiz has lived all over the world including Europe and parts of the US, such as Texas and Colorado. 

Ms. Ortiz returns to teaching after taking a ten year break. Photo courtesy of El Camino

This year is her first year back teaching full-time since taking a ten year break to raise her children who are now in first and second grade. Prior to moving to California, Ortiz taught at a small charter school in Colorado.

Before this year, she has been a guest—substitute—teacher a few times at EC which made her want to teach at the school full time.

“I love the atmosphere.” She said.

Having been at EC before made the adjustment of being at a new school easy. Ortiz has really enjoyed the culture of coming to a bigger school and is very excited to see some of the sports at EC.

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