New Band Teacher Joins EC

By Jade Franklin, Editor-in-Chief

Retired Band Teacher Kevin Glaser may be a tough act to follow, but El Camino Alum and new Band Teacher Gabe Read (‘12) feels prepared for the challenge, especially having been a student of Glaser himself. 

Read has been playing the saxophone for 15 years and had enjoyed being a part of EC’s band when he was a student a little over seven years ago. Returning to EC in a teaching role was an easy decision for him. Read spent last year teaching at Center High School.

“The opportunity came for me to do the thing I loved to do so much as a student,” Read shared in a recent interview. He said he’s looking forward to doing it again in a teaching capacity.

“I get to pay my experience forward to the next generation,”  he said.

The band plays at a recent football game. They didn’t miss a beat with Mr. Read, picking up right where they left off last year. Photo by Eagle Eye Staff

Living up to the 25-year-long Glaser legacy both will and won’t be a challenge because Read is keeping much of the program the same, but with new faces. EC is really special to him because of the camaraderie around the school and having participated as a student is what made him feel prepared for the role. 

Luckily the learning curve has been smooth and there has been a little bit of a transition not only because Read and Glaser are different people, but also due to Glaser’s unexpected and sudden retirement, which made some of the students uneasy.

“It came as a surprise to all of us,” he said.

Read emphasized that the fact that he shared the experience the students are having is helpful as they start the new year and a new legacy.

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