Cross Country Starts Off Hopeful

By Mia Randall, Staff Writer

This year, cross country coaches Doug Barnes and Joyce Bernhoft are confident that the El Camino varsity teams will make it to state and compete to win.

“El Camino is a smaller school, but with being such a small school, our kids have really good heart, and they really will push themselves as far as they can go,” said Coach Doug Barnes.  

Runners Malcolm Brabec (‘20) and Pedro Tirado (‘21) believe that their team is fast enough to acheive this goal.

“Running more [is] the only way to get better,” said Brabec. 

“I’m going to try to make it to state, it’s going to be really tough with all the competition,” said Tirado, “but I feel [that] our boys varsity team can do it.”

Claire Chaves (‘21) is planning and hoping to make it to state with some of the other girls this year. Unfortunately, she has an ankle injury that’s holding her back but she wants to get it under control to run in the next race. 

There may be room for growth, but with EC’s spirit and enthusiasm, every single runner will push themselves to their limits and rise above others.

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