Seniors roll in Powder Puff 2019

By Fernando Garcia-Arredondo – Sports Editor

The Powder Puff 2019 game was a rough one for the juniors but an uplifting win 28-0 for the graduating class of 2019. Haley Norlie (‘19), Tajanae Davis (‘19), and Mary Avila (‘19) were some of the standout players who represented the senior team.

Senior Head Coach Mussa Abbas (‘19) didn’t “expect anything less than a win” since the players practiced hard and played even harder. The seniors in the first half were dominating the game on both sides. They were locking down the juniors in defense with Davis running through the junior’s offensive line. Norlie and Avila were in the cornerback positions and excelled at communicating with each other on who to guard.

The senior team grouped together for a photo after taking the win, excited about ending their senior year with a victory. Photo courtesy of Mussa Abbas

The seniors on offense did a good job at moving the ball side to side, getting yards, and making the most points as possible.

According to Davis, Powder Puff was “really fun because I got to play with my friends,” and the juniors’ “lack of preparedness” made it an easy win. Davis also said she enjoyed “showing off my quarterback skills, proving that I should play in the NFL.”

Avila said it felt “really great to know what we were doing and being able to play and win.” The part she will remember most is the “fun time we had cheering each other on.” Afterall, this is a game about teamwork.

Sophia Bartridge (‘20), Abby Price (‘20), Hanna Szabo (‘20), and Haleigh Singleton (‘20) were a few out of a large group of girls that played for the junior team.

Bartridge expressed that it was “really fun and I got to meet new people [while] learn[ing] a new sport.” She was devastated about them losing this year and expects to “bounce back next year.”

Szabo loved the “great vibe” in the coaches and players. She also appreciated that the coaches “weren’t condescending in any way.” They were patient with every player, and the only downfall was the large amount of players and coaches.

The junior team after taking a loss, looking forward to making a comeback next season. Photo courtesy of Jade Franklin

Price was excited to be hanging out with all her friends and having fun while learning the ins-and-outs of football, she really enjoyed playing the game and at the competitiveness of the seniors. She didn’t really like that the practices were fairly unorganized and standing around because most of the people did not know what to do but overall she really thought it was fun and great.

Singleton had a fun time and enjoyed creating a bond with the class of 2020.  She enjoyed getting closer with her friends and classmates she barely knew before. She thought that it was really great to see her class unite.

The junior defense was spot on in the second half and they managed to prevent the seniors from scoring again. However, this didn’t prevent a win for the seniors and they proudly  end their year with a victory. Despite the fact that the juniors were inexperienced, those involved still enjoyed the game. Abbas came over to the juniors to tell them that they did “excellent in the second half” and he was really proud of them for not being scored on.

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