EC hosts annual Open Enrollment Night for eighth grade students

By Grace Gollihur, Associate Editor

On Nov. 1, eighth grade students from all around Sacramento met at El Camino for the annual Open Enrollment Night, where staff and students discussed the programs and opportunities offered at EC.

Programs such as EC’s Band, Choir, and Drama all gave performances to give incoming students a look into a few of the things that occur at EC, and also help attract these students to enroll into the school.

Student Government Member and Cheerleader Emi Kuwabara (‘26), was just one of the many EC students that attended the event and gave a speech to the students and parents about the school.

“[I] just wanted to make them feel like EC was a good place to go—to make them more connected to EC,”  Kuwabara said.

EC’s Band was the first to perform for the arts department. They performed a variety of songs to raise the energy of the students and make them feel eager to join EC.

Band Director Gabriel Read expressed his goals of the band’s performance at the information night.

“The main goal of our performance [was] to show the families what EC band is all about, and to show them how much we love what we do,” Read said.

The second performance held at the information night was a Halloween themed medley of songs from the film, “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” lead by Choir Director David Vanderbout, and performed by his choir students.

After the number of songs performed by the choir, a song from EC’s production of Bye Bye Birdie was shown to the students and parents. This song was performed by members of the ensemble and directed by Drama Instructor Christopher Travlos. 

Travlos talked about his hopes for students joining drama and his hopes for impressing the many parents who attended enrollment night. 

“It shows off not only the collaboration between the choir, band and drama programs, but also shows what things students can be involved in—a large-scale musical isn’t something that every school has, so we’d like to show off that the students are singing, dancing and also playing music,” Travlos said.

After the performances in the large gym, students were led through the courtyard and into the cafeteria to find information about academic classes and electives. Each department set up booths for students and parents to learn about these academics and electives. 

Along with academic and elective classes being shown, each sport had a table with representatives and information about that sport, in hopes of attracting students in yet another way.

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