The Eagle Eye is back for another year of news

By Nathan Calhoon Staff Writer

With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, El Camino’s student run newspaper, The Eagle Eye, is more important than ever before by keeping their students up to date in this new school year.

Originally titled El Caminian, the school newspaper has been a part of EC since the birth of the school in 1951, and has grown into a foundational role in the high school’s community. The Eagle Eye has achieved this role by covering sports events, news, opinions, and changes in the school, which has helped the student body stay up to date from the very beginning of the school year.

Logan Castro (‘23), opinion editor on the school newspaper, has been on the newspaper for two years, and he believes that The Eagle Eye is necessary for the students of EC.

“I think [Journalism] is not only a great place to express your thoughts, but also to help other students,” Castro explained.

Castro believes The Eagle Eye allows EC students to get the essential news that actually matters to them. This is due to the newspaper being completely student run, letting the writers come up with stories that they actually feel are important. This removes fluff pieces or articles that aren’t relevant to the community.

The Eagle Eye is gearing up to release three to four issues this year, full of articles that the EC community will benefit from reading. The Eagle Eye Staff hopes that the student body and the overall community will become more aware of what’s going in EC during the school year.

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