Free books in the library

By Maya Black Staff Writer

Beginning in March 2022, Librarian Meaghan Morlan has regularly displayed a variety of books in the library that are free to take for all students and staff at El Camino.

One of Morlan’s goals as a librarian is to reshape the library and to pursue that goal, she has set out to replace its unused, outdated books. 

When Morlan became EC’s librarian this year, she noticed that many of the books were both outdated and not being checked out by students or staff.

“When I got here the shelves were stuffed,” Morlan stated.

Hundreds of books in EC’s library were not being checked out, most haven’t been checked out in years, which left little room for new books that students or teachers recommended.

Morlan hopes to get rid of these old books and fill the shelves with more relevant books that would be more frequently used and checked out.

“[The] school library needs to connect with the community—these books were connected with the community 40 years ago,” Morlan said.

The free books have a wide range of genres consisting of non-fiction, fiction, literacy, biographies, and sports.

Not only have students found good use for the free books, teachers have also taken advantage of them. Morlan says that art teachers have used them and created art by using the paper from inside. 

Morlan states that she will continue to have free books available for the rest of the school year. Books will continue to be pulled off shelves until she is done going through all the sections. 

The books that do not get taken by the end of this school year will either be donated to a local Goodwill or recycled properly. 

Although many books are leaving the library Morlan says she has been and will keep adding more. 

“I am taking recommendations from students and staff as well as award winners,” Morgan said.  

Students and staff can find these books near Morlan’s desk in the library.

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