Zenaida named Employee of the Year

By Emma Canillo News Editor

El Camino’s Athletic Director’s Assistant Zenaida Kamine was announced Employee of the Year on Tuesday, Jan 6.

Surrounded by her fellow EC staff, Zenaida received a certificate signifying her hard work and dedication for the school.

“It made me feel good that someone acknowledged my work,” Zenaida said. 

EC’s Athletic Director Ron Concklin works with Zenaida on a daily basis, whether it’s setting up for sporting events, managing COVID-19 tests for athletes, or contacting other schools to put games together. 

San Juan Unified personnel awards Zenaida with her certificate for Employee of the Year.

Concklin states that Zenaida deserved this award because of her dedication to her job, her skillful multitasking abilities, and her love of sports.

“[Zenaida] is probably one of the best people I have ever worked with in education,” Concklin stated.

Being Athletic Director’s Assistant has never been an easy job, but the return to school during the COVID-19 Pandemic has made Zenaida’s job much more hectic. 

A typical day for her consists of managing COVID-19 tests for all athletes, cancelling games when needed, setting up ticket booths and stands for sporting events, and making sure things run smoothly during games.

The dedication that Zenaida puts into her work truly shows that she is the perfect fit for EOY.

Along with the signed certificate that was given to Zenaida, another perk that comes with EOY is being automatically nominated for county EOY, where teachers all across the county are nominated. 

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