New medical careers class gives EC students a look into the medical field

By Mia Randall Managing Editor and Valyn Showalter Staff Writer

Juniors and Seniors at El Camino who are interested in being in the medical field are now able to take the Medical Careers class which was introduced during the 2021-2022 school year. 

It is a two year class but was opened up to this year’s seniors so they can also have a chance at participating. 

The teacher for this class is Angel Contreras, also known as Dr. C among students. Contreras is a practicing physician, so he has knowledge in the Medical Assisting field.

This pathway helps students who want their future to be in the medical field get the experience they need. Students in this class also get a chance at working or interning in a real hospital and being a medical assistant after completing this EC program. 

Vice Principal Evelyn Welborn expresses her thoughts on what the medical program will do to benefit EC.

“In terms of what I am hoping it will do for the school, I hope it will increase our enrollment,” Welborn said. 

EC doesn’t have a school boundary like most schools have, meaning you have to apply to get in. Welborn hopes that since this new class has been added, it will attract more incoming middle schoolers to EC and its expanded curriculum. 

Sariah Matthews (22’) explains the significance of the medical careers class in her life.

“I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field and [the class] just seemed like a really good career opportunity for me,” Matthews said. 

The final exam for the Medical Careers class is like an AP exam, you can pay to take the test and it will give you college credits if you pass. It consists of an online exam and a physical exam. 

The first year of the pathway is Anatomy Physiology and when you move on to the second year, it’s more hands-on work such as Medical assisting. 

Welborn and Contreras are hoping that this class can help the students in beneficial ways and increase their chances of them getting into the medical field.

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