Hamilton star leads workshop for EC students

By Jackson Ponder Editor in Chief

Ashley De La Rosa visited El Camino earlier in the week and put on a workshop for performers at El Camino. The event was held in the fairly new performing arts center which had the largest attendance at a workshop of De La Rosa’s she had ever had saying, “[this is the] first ever school where there have been this many students watching.” 

De La Rosa, a performer in the musical Hamilton and has been on numerous broadway shows and has even been on the NBC show The Voice making it to round 12 on Christina Aguilera’s team.

De La Rosa came to EC to conduct a workshop for the Drama students on campus. Eight students were spotlighted and performed a part of a musical of their choosing in front of the audience and De La Rosa. After each performance De La Rosa gave each performer something to work on to help better their performance. She talked about everything from using real emotion to help make you sound more authentic to the movement of one’s feet to show different emotions when moving on stage. 

Ashley De La Rosa introducing herself to the students in attendance in the performing arts center at EC. Photo by Jackson Ponder

During the switching of performers she took questions from the audience. One of the students asked, “ What was your push to go to Broadway?” De La Rosa mentioned that she was originally from New York and worked there as a waitress after she studied chemistry in college.  She decided performing was for her in her sophomore year of College. 

Near the end of the performances, De La Rosa made a point in her closing speech to the to 100 students in attendance about how she was the perfect example of not knowing what you want to do right away. 

“I wanted to work in the UN and health,” De La Rosa said when explaining that she is thankful that she found her real passion in performing. 

De La Rosa drove home the point that, “There is a space and a place for all of us, a lot of space is being made at the table [for new performers].”

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