New PE teacher Stephanie Saylors

By Ryan Nash Eagle Eye Staff Writer

Stephanie Saylors is the new PE teacher at El Camino this year and she couldn’t be happier. She graduated high school at EC and loved the school so much that she knew she wanted to come back. 

“The school spirit —the community that is here—I’ve worked in different high schools and you can’t compare it, it’s great,” said Saylors.

She has a lot of experience in the teaching and coaching field. She previously worked as a student teacher at Rio Americano High School and last year she worked at Del Campo High School and has coached multiple sports. 

She is very passionate about her job, she loves being around kids and students, and a plus side of the job is staying healthy and active all the time. 

Saylors graduated from Sacramento State and majored in child development. Shortly after graduating she realized that she wanted to teach PE for high school students.

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