New Schedule For The New Year

By Nargis Afzali

El Camino High School will change its schedule from the traditional six-period format to a four-by-four block schedule for the next school year of 2021-2022 and beyond. 

The four-by-four block schedule is a schedule that allows students to take four classes in one semester and four classes in the other; the classes will be longer in time per day than the traditional six-period format.

By adding two extra classes per school year it allows students to earn more credits by taking more classes opening up more opportunities to explore different electives most students would not have been able to due to the new graduation requirements set by the district. 

Many schools in the district have been using the block schedule for a while.

Furthermore the block schedule allows students to only be focused on four classes each semester.  

If students did not pick their classes after the deadline, the counselors will pick their class based on what they need.

This plan will offer students a better opportunity of being able to pick more classes, and the opportunity to graduate with more credit.

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