Return to In Person Learning

By Nargis Afzali and Jackson Ponder

   Upon returning to school, students were faced with two options on what they would like to do when the time came to come back, whether that be staying in full distance learning or going back to school two days a week. Different opinions have led to the decision of some students choosing to return to school and some to stay at home. 

The return to a hybrid schedule has been much anticipated throughout the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. The original plan was for the hybrid in-person learning to begin on January 5th the start of the second semester. While this did not end up happening the official return to hybrid learning was March 22. 

Students are at campus for 2 and half hours which is three 50-minute classes, this is short compared to the 6-period schedule, but it gives the students an opportunity to learn on campus. 

 Likewise, the number of COVID-19 cases is getting lower every day according to Sacramento 

Since cases have been on the decline recently San Juan Unified School District announced that students will be going to school 4 times a week instead of the 2-day model starting on April 26.

Basilio Sheckells, a freshman at El Camino thinks that Hybrid Learning is going well.

“The schedule is not as good as a normal school, it’s much better than fully digital learning” Sheckells said.

The idea behind the splitting up of cohorts was originally to limit the number of individuals in a classroom at a time. This has proven to have been effectively limiting cases on campus so far. 

“If we jump too quickly everything will go wrong, and we will be back to Distance learning” Sheckells said.

The idea now is to start easing back into what was normal over a year ago which is hard to grasp for some people.
Still in this new format it allows students the option to stay in a full-distance learning format if they do not want to be on campus. 

The normally packed main hall only holds 4 individuals during passing period. Photo by Jackson Ponder

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