Homecoming Rally

On October 18, El Camino students attended their Homecoming rally in the large gym. 

The rally kicked off with an introduction from Mc’s Josh Baxter (‘20) and Abby Price (‘20),  followed by El Camino choir singing the national anthem. 

To bring up the excitement, Adam Kroll (‘20) performed ‘Crazy Frog’ by Erik Wernquist on the piano. Following Kroll, the varsity football team had a very energetic run-in to the song ‘Intro’ by DaBaby. Immediately after, players Brad Burkett (‘20), Chance Courtney(‘20), Dez Ortega (‘20), and Connor Miracle (‘20) held up signs while Andrew West (‘20) brought flowers over to Michael Serrano (‘20) to give to his girlfriend Jade Franklin (‘20) for a last minute homecoming proposal. 

Seniors Brad Burkett, Chance Courtney, Dez Ortega , and Connor Miracle holding up the Homecoming proposal signs
Photo by Brooklyn Bahati

“Putting the proposal together was quite easy because I know a lot of people who were willing to help me.” Serrano said.

As the crowded awed as Jade walked down to get her gift of flowers, we could all imagine she said yes. 

After the proposal, dance team came out and performed their routine to Lean Back by Fat Joe while the cheer team dressed as playing cards from the movie Alice In Wonderland. 

Cheer team getting ready to perfom to the intro song from Alice in Wonderland
Photo by Amb’b Banks

Instead of their normal song mashup they set their performance off with the intro song from Alice in wonderland. Like always they had an outstanding routine that left EC students with a lot of homecoming spirit. 

Returning Mc’s Baxter and Price introduced the hoco rally theme and the characters that went with each class the theme for the dance is “Mystical Worlds”. Freshmen being “Snow White”, Sophomores being “Alice in Wonderland”, Juniors being “Narnia”, and Seniors being “Neverland”. The class characters; Vanessa Nicora (‘23), Nick Golden (‘22) as the Mad Hatter, (‘21) and Charlie Garrard (‘20) as Peter Pan all had their hands taped behind their backs to play a game of butt bumping. Gerrard came out victorious after bumping close opponent Golden out of the circle. 

To showcase some homecoming appropriate dancing, teachers Matt Sumpter, Minh Vu, Doreen Lenhart, Kyle Keller, Ari Santillanes, and Amanda Belt danced to ‘Woah’ by MaxoTrill.

Mr. Sumpter showcasing his dance appropriate dance moves
Photo by Brooklyn Bahati
Mrs.Belt showing EC Students her sweet dance moves.
Photo by Brooklyn Bahati

“I did it to entertain the students and it went a lot better than I expected,” Belt said. 

The royalty nominee winners were announced and crowned. A big congratulations to the royalty nominee winners, Alanakai Pascual (‘23), Khiva Toussant (‘22), and Gabriela Arizaga (‘21). The homecoming queen was to be announced at the football game.

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