Floats to a mystical land

By Mia Randall, Staff Writer

On Oct. 18, during El Camino’s halftime show, floats from all classes went around the track and were judged on their creativity, appearance, performance, and meeting the overall theme.

The floats were judged by teachers Joel Carson, Brian Andersen, Kyle Keller and Michael Skelly. 

“It’s important to make sure all the rules get followed,” said Carson, “that was a way that a couple of the floats lost some points.”

The overall theme was “mystical lands” and the individual float themes were “Snow White” (‘23), “Alice in Wonderland” (‘22), “Narnia” (‘21) and “Neverland” (‘20). 

The class of 2020 ended up winning first place with class of 2022 following close behind at second place. The difference of scores between first and second place was only a few points. 

Class of 2020 Neverland Float
Photo by Jaimia Beaver

“The whole class really came together and we wanted to put our best foot forward our last year—we wanted to end our senior year with a bang,” said senior class president Katie Jordan (‘20).

In third came class of 2021 and in fourth came the class of 2023.

Although freshman came in last, many were saying that it was one of the best freshman floats there has been in a long time.

With the class of 2020 winning the homecoming float competition, they can end their senior year with a second win in a row.

Class of 2022 Alice in Wonderland Float
Photo By Jaimia Beaver
Class of 2021 Narnia Float
Photo by Jaimia Beaver
Class of 2023 Snow White Float
Photo by Jaimia Beaver

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